Myinternetbusiness LLC Creates Primo Vacations Club, an Astonishing Brand New Travel Product

They have done it again! Let me explain.Rob Hannley and Dave Garven the Co-Owners and Founders of MyInternetBusiness LLC & Primo Vacation Club have a very simple honest mission statement:”To continue to offer the absolute best value and unmatched service of any travel and vacations club available anywhere for any price, allowing our valued business associates to earn a substantial income while enjoying a new level of time freedom usually reserved for the very wealthy.”They are certainly ranked amongst the best and respected internet marketing gurus of this industry and are about to annihilate the online travel industry as we know it. They have spotted a niche in the market place.How and why have they done this? Primo Vacations was started by travel industry veterans who were fed up with the greedy mark up prices placed on every aspect of travel and vacation packages. So what they have done is to go straight to the source or “horses mouth”. This will result on average savings of up to 80%. During the prelaunch webinar on 17 November, Rob showed one deal where the saving was 91.5%!The official launch date is 1 December 2009 and promises to be an absolute blockbuster of a much needed product within the travel and leisure industry. Existing Platinum associates of the Yournetbiz package will acquire the Primo Vacations business package at no additional cost. This promises to make it even more appealing to anyone contemplating a full turnkey product. It is already attracting mass media attention within the industry and looks set to be one of the hottest products out there on the internet for 2010 and years to come.What destinations are we talking about?The Primo Vacations Club has sought out fantastic locations around the world, in top quality hotels and apartments. Associates will have access to over 83,000 holiday accommodation outlets at below wholesale prices. The locations range from north America, Mexico, Australia, Spain, Hawaii just to name but a few and weekend breaks in major cities around the world e.g. London, Milan and Madrid. The list of vacations will grow and be constantly updated. Rob made a claim that the Primo Vacations Club probably had the largest stock of holiday accommodation available on the internet. These guys certainly know how to put an outstanding product together.If cruising is your niche, then The Primo Vacations Cruise Programme provides unlimited access to every major cruise ship operator, including Royal Caribbean, Radisson Seven Seas, but if you want to cruise in style Primo Vacations can offer something for the connoisseur with the opportunity to sail on some of the finest exclusive luxury cruise ships that people are not even aware of.So how do you get involved?Within the Primo Vacations Club package, it is said that consumers do not just get some “special price” so to speak, but instead get a sizzling hot, outlandish, “out of this world”, absolute whip of deal; a true bargain so rich in true goodness and value, the associates are left to wonder how it is even achievable. Based on what these guys have done with the Yournetbiz package, I don’t doubt that this will be the case.For those starting out the cheapest route for anyone wanting to be part of an estimated 7 trillion dollar industry is to purchase the Primo Vacation Club package for a crazy price of $697 which you pay directly to the associate, so as an associate you get paid straight away. No waiting 30 days or more for a cheque to arrive.The associate then passes up $197 to MyInternetBusiness LLC, and the associate keeps the $500 as a commission.You now become a Primo Vacation Club associate with a lifetime membership which entitles you to amazing incredible savings of up to 80%, but it also enables you to market the product and earn those $500 commissions.However, if you are wanting to get into a full internet turnkey based business and be shown how to make a success of it, then I would strongly recommend taking a very close look at the Yournetbiz Platinum package as it will provide you with two businesses / income streams and most important of all show you step by step how to achieve this and coupled to a mentor who is very enthusiastic about this opportunity you will get as much help and encouragement as you need to reach success.It is a full turnkey product of immense value and one of the hottest values for money products available today.ConclusionTo summarise, the Yournetbiz team, who have spent the last 4 to 6 months putting this superlative package together, have come up trumps with another winner which will not only make the YNB Platinum package easier and more attractive to promote, but it has given the opportunity to the masses to join an exclusive vacation club and visit locations that they would never in their wildest dreams have ever thought of visiting, let alone being able to afford. Congratulations to MyInternetBusiness LLC and the YNB team in making it possible.